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    Sitting Position During Pregnancy


    Sitting Position During Pregnancy For each and every woman pregnancy is a great honor. To carry the child within the stomach is considered to be a great experience for the woman. A pregnant woman requires so much of care and attention. There are changes in the physique due to pregnancy. The weight of the woman […]

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    Home Remedies for Chapped Lips


    Home Remedies for Chapped Lips When the skin of our lips gets loose and dry then that condition is called as chapped lips. Generally, children have a habit of rubbing their lips and thus the lips become chapped due to rubbing. According to the sayings of people of old age, chapped lips are the sign […]

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    How To Sleep Fast?


    How to sleep fast? Sound sleep is essential for our health. According to Lisa Meltzer (An associate professor of paediatrics at National Jewish Health in Denver and an education scholar for the National Sleep Foundation), sleeplessness caused due to medications or certain medical condition but anxiety is the most common cause. If we are tensed […]

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    Fava Beans Nutrition Does so much for our Body


    Fava Beans Nutrition The pods which are flat, large and light green in color are called as fava beans. Among the ancient cultivated crops, fava is one of them. In the fertile valleys of Mediterranean region or Asia Minor, the origin of fava took place. In the genus: Vicia, the family to which fava pods […]

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    Chapped Lips Causes are unbelievable


    Chapped Lips Causes Chapped Lips are observed commonly among so many people. Chapping of lips makes them painful and unattractive. Chapped lips are not the condition of getting worried. Chapped lips causes include the symptoms of dryness, redness, cracking, flaking and tender or sore lips. Chapped lips causes are because of many reasons. Some reasons are […]

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    Benefits Of Cinnamon Tea


    Benefits of Cinnamon Tea The delicious beverage which is easy to prepare is cinnamon tea. First of all, take a cinnamon stick and allow it to boil in water for 15-20 minutes. For another 10 minutes, cinnamon stick is required to be steeped in water. Then, the sweet and spicy beverage is ready to drink. […]

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    Surprising Watermelon Facts that We Bet You Didn’t Know


    Watermelon Facts that will Surprise you Though mango is known as the king of fruits during summer after reading these watermelon facts I am sure you will consider watermelon as the king of summer fruits. Moreover, it is not only a fruit; it is a vegetable as well. Watermelon is an excellent fruit for health […]

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    Benefits of Lemon Tea which make it a great Beverage


    If we talk about lemon tea then, it is the black tea added with lime juice so as to provide a unique flavor. It can also be termed as hot tea with sugar and lemon water. Benefits of lemon tea are many. This lemon tea can be made spicy by adding hot tea with lemon […]