New Brunswick Comfort Food has Now Brought Mediterranean Cuisines within its Fold

Middle Eastern food has its own fan following in all countries. It is, therefore, no surprise that a large section of food lovers in New Jersey find the food just fantastic for the taste buds. Many of them are die-hard fans of Lebanese and Mediterranean food that are the hallmarks of Middle Eastern cuisine. Food connoisseurs with an inclination for this type of food would simply find it an overwhelming experience to discover the Middle East in the middle of New Jersey when they look at the Evelyn’s restaurant dinner menu. Going through the elaborate menu is a delightful experience by itself as you feel spoils for choices. To get the best dishes that whet your appetite and fulfill the deep desire to experiment with the special delicacies is often a challenging proposition.

Brunswick Comfort Food

Many options to choose from

When you are at a restaurant in Brunswick, you should consider yourself lucky to find a place at the hottest spot in town that offers an elaborate fanfare of food and drinks.  The atmosphere amply replicates the romantic settings of Middle Eastern cities with a prominent Lebanese touch. So also is the food that brings the most authentic Mediterranean delicacies at the most affordable price. Even those who do want to stay confined to the specific regional cuisines would be happy to try out options that go much beyond it.

The Tantalizing Appetizers

The appetizers are simply one of its kinds that would hold you in awe. Homemade hummus and falafels along with grape leaves, chicken and baba ganoush, are the most sought-after appetizers that you will not find at any other Brunswick restaurant. Everything is sourced and prepared in house that has a freshness which is very appealing to the sight and mind and enhances the gastronomic delight. You might share the appetizers and salads with your mates and family or even if you feel like, can carry it back home as the restaurant offers a delivery option. But then, you will miss the marvelous ambiance that adds more pleasure to the dining experience.

Lunch or Dinner – the experience is the same

No matter whether you have lunch or dinner, you derive the same kind of pleasure of gorging on delectable Mediterranean cuisines that have quietly become part of the comfort food menu.  The ambiance of the place is perfect to complement the unique food items that have its origins rooted into the Lebanese culture and society. Being at these restaurants will give you a feeling of partying with your friends in a faraway land that boasts of olive oil-soaked recipes and attractive belly dancers. The authentic food prepared by chefs of the land is a treat for those who are ready to experiment with food from different countries.

The restaurants provide the option of choosing between outdoor and indoor settings. You can opt for the beautiful outside patio and bar or prefer to dine indoor within a warm, cozy and sun hued interior as the ambiance resembles the sun-drenched atmosphere of the Middle East.

Written by Ashley Grace

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