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Before we discuss the nitty gritty and everything else about cruise bikes, let’s have an insight as to what cruise bikes are:-

Sometimes referred to as a beach cruiser, a cruiser bike combines a lot of key features and creates a stable, easy to ride that is considered perfect for casual riding at low or moderate speeds.

These features include a large steel frame with a minimal styling, wide set of balloon tires, and curved handlebars that facilitate upright posture for the rider, coaster brakes and single speed drivetrain for pedalling. These are the features that are most commonly found in a Cruiser bike but they can be further modified on the basis of sub-genre of the bikes. For a fact, cruiser bikes can be very easily customized and modified. These modifications mostly include saddle bags, luggage racks, lights etc.

Cruise bikes are known for casual strolling, basically cruising where you could be riding about in an area without any specific destination at a low and moderate speed. These bikes don’t require you to be in a riding mode or position, but allow you to be seated in a comfortable seat and casualty pedal. These bikes are one of the most laid back bikes which is why they are very popular in beach towns which in turn also gave them the name “Beach Cruiser”. They capture the essence of riding in the perfect way that is to sit back and enjoy.

The evolution and progression has led to a variety of cruise bikes coming into play which are now widely available with different specification:-

  • Classic Cruiser Bike

The original or classic cruise bike has all the core features that have been around for decades and not much more additional specifications. The basic features mean a heavy frame, around 50 pounds with a unisex design on the top tube. 26-inch and 29-inch tyres are common and the standard balloon style that is wide enough for stability and have enough cushioning to hands small bumps along the ride.

The saddle is usually low and offers a wide coverage area and has some springs for shock absorptions. The handlebars are tall and wrapped around on each side towards the rider so that he doesn’t have to bend forward which ensures an upright position.

  • Stretch Cruiser Bike

As the name suggests, these bikes are an elongated version of the classic cruise bikes. These cruisers can be twice as long and usually sit lower to the ground too. The elongated or longer frames allows the rider to sit in an even more comfortable position. These bikes are ideal for long, casual rides along the sidewalks where very few obstacles are present,

  • Low Rider Cruiser Bike

Low rider cruiser bikes are usually centred on being more showy than functional. These bikes sit, as the name suggest very low to the ground and allows the rider to sit really low to the ground and often reclined backwards to an extent.

The tyres are also smaller than 26-inch, over-spoked wheels, large banana seats. The low riders were the first result of custom modification but now you can choose from a wide range of customizations available.

  • Chopper Cruiser Bike

Chopper cruiser bikes are very much similar to chopper style motorcycles. We can see a combination of low bikes and chopper motorcycles in these cruisers.

The features include long front ends that protrude far out the handlebars while the handlebars themselves are mounted higher to resemble the chopper style motorcycles. The tyres can be of different sizes form one another and the banana seat will also sit high off the frame.

Chopper bikes are known for their style and not functionality but they can be more comfortable than low cruisers. They are made for the enthusiasts of this particular niche and are meant for show and shorter rides.
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  • Multi Speed Cruiser Bike

Multi speed cruiser bikes can actually exist with any type, but they are most often contained within the classic/beach cruiser category. Multi-speed cruisers give the rider a few extra options in terms of gears, making a bike more versatile in its use.

Most multi-cruiser bikes are available in 3 speed versions. They use a rear cassette and derailleur for changing speeds, that’s operated by a shifter mounted on the handlebars.

Multi-speed cruiser bikes are ideal for riders who still want the comfort and casual feel of a cruiser, but need to have some different speed options when making their way along inclines, or through parts of their town that have varying features. This makes this bike a better form of transportation in general.

Difference between men’s and women’s cruiser bikes

A common question that arises in anyone’s mind is how men’s and women’s version differ. But it’s an easy question in terms of cruiser bikes because there really isn’t much of a difference apart from the frame design and size.

Cruiser bikes for men have frames that are slightly larger for the most part, and have a top tube that either runs straight across, or curves up slightly. Handlebars sizes tend to be larger too. The colouring and graphics may be a little more masculine as well.
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Women’s cruiser bikes are a littler smaller than men’s, and have a top tube that curves downwards. The frames may also be a little skinnier, and have more of a curved look. The bike’s aesthetics will usually be more feminine, and the saddle design may have a slightly different shape as well.
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Cruiser bikes are a widely discussed topic and if you didn’t have a lot of information about them earlier, now you do. As long as these bikes are used for their intended purpose, cruiser bikes can be really fun and offer you the most relaxing and entertaining riding experience.

Written by Ashley Grace

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