All You Need To Know About Amber Jewelry

When it comes to the numerous wonders and blessings of Mother Nature, the amber jewelry which is derived from the Baltic amber is one of such precious stones that offer to individuals of all ages, inclusive of mothers and babies, its beauty accompanied by its impressive healing properties.

The presence of the amber jewelry and it’s recognition in Europe is as old as thousands of years. This simply means that it has been tried, tested, and confirmed to have amazing abilities and health benefits that cut across being potent enough to relieve pains from being naturally anti-inflammatory. Speaking about its healing powers, the amber jewelry is offered in beautiful amber teething necklaces specially put together for soothing your baby. This is because of its ability in alleviating the pains of teething and keeping your baby relaxed in his teething process.  In line with this, discussed below is all you need to know about amber and the amber teething necklace.

Amber teething necklace

Amber Teething Necklace

Amber teething necklace is specially crafted from Baltic amber with the primary objective of gracing the necks of your babies when they are teething and making the teething process stress free. While you might wonder about its importance, and how exactly it is specially designed as a piece to ease the teething stress, further questions might also crowd your mind, such as, do they work, how safe are they? should you purchase one for your little one? In answer to these, we do know that the first teeth of your little bundle of joy do not come with zero level of pain.

This simply means that although the growth of that tooth is exciting and welcomed, the accompanying long nights, fussing, drooling and pain is bound to leave you worried and scouting for any lasting solution. The good news is, the growth of your babies teeth which is a good thing, can come easy. All it takes is the presence of an amber teething necklace. The way this works is centered on your child’s body producing a required heat or warmth which should have contact with the necklace while it is on your child’s neck. The necklace, in turn, releases oils containing an acid known as succinic acid. The flow of the acid into your child’s bloodstream serves to ease your babies pain.

Furthermore, it brings drooling to a minimum, stimulates the renewal of the immune system and reverses the inflamed cheeks of teething babies, thus bringing the cheeks back to normal. Several other remedies range from recovering of full energy, assisting the body in quickening the healing process, reducing stress and giving your precious one sweet little dreams. This, of course, is because it is a powerful antioxidant. Lastly, with that adorable piece on your child’s neck, you can be sure that your child’s appeal level would go through the roof. There are also several makes of the amber teething necklace. These are, the honey Baltic amber teething necklaces, the cognac Baltic amber teething necklace, the multi raw amber teething necklace, and the honey raw Baltic amber teething necklace. In line with this natural remedy, virtually a hundred percent of teething necklaces are produced from Baltic amber. So why exactly is Baltic amber so effective?

Why Baltic Amber

Amber in the simplest terms is a resin that is millions of years old. It is quite often described as fossilized in that it is rigidly conventional in its pattern. What’s more, it has been stated that Baltic amber is indeed one of mother nature’s many blessings, in line with this statement, the amber is found at the land which surrounds the Baltic Sea. The most genuine of the Baltic Amber is one that can be traced to the Lithuania Baltic region. It boasts of medicinal properties which meet the health challenges of individuals of all ages.  This medicinal property is primarily the fact that the amber is blessed with 4-8 percent of succinic acid which is great for relieving pain and treating inflammation. With these advantages, the Baltic Amber is a perfect accessory for managing the discomforts that come with the teething process of a baby,

Amber teething necklace

 The Baltic region is also well renowned for its surplus amber deposits, which is from time to time termed Baltic gold. In relation to amber, there also exists several other types of amber from other regions located around the world, but Baltic amber from the Lithuania Baltic region is renowned for its

Higher succinic acid content. Baltic amber also comes in a bunch of amazing colors inclusive of green, black, yellow, white, red, brown and blue. However, these wide ranges aside, the most common colors which you can easily pick up are milky and brown or orange. Green and blue amber birthed by inclusions and gas are quite rare and thus higher in value. Probably too expensive and valuable to be used as teething necklaces.

On a final note, the amber teething necklace as an amber jewelry comes as an answer to your babies teething process discomfort. So you can welcome your child’s growing tooth with absolute joy, knowing your young one feels a hundred percent comfort.  Asides from being amazing pain relievers, the amber jewelry also offers reduced inflammation, natural analgesic, great abilities at calming your baby and reducing its stress. This enhancing your child’s immune system, fever from teething it’s curbed, drooling is reduced, your child can sleep peacefully with amazing dreams and wake up feeling refreshed and maximally energized, plus your child gets to look more adorable while having it on. Furthermore, in line with the creation of the amber teething necklace, the amber is lab tested to ensure that it is genuine Baltic amber this making it a win-win for both mother and child.

Written by Ashley Grace

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