Most Common Dental Problems

Not paying a visit to your dentist is so far the worst thing that you can do to yourself. People now need to realize that their dental hygiene is very important for their overall wellbeing and no excuse of a busy routine or a tight schedule can justify why you aren’t going to your dentist.

Serious Dental Problems

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People forget that their teeth are actually living organs with tissues and nerve cells inside just like the rest of their organs. It’s high time for everyone to start spreading awareness for dental hygiene because with the passage of time people are forgetting that it’s an important part of our body. Most people don’t visit their dentist just because of the huge fee that they have to pay, well, honestly even that’s not an excuse because if you do your proper homework, you will see that there are places where you can get yourself checked for a reasonable amount of money.

Let’s be honest, we don’t actually even think about our dentist until our tooth starts hurting or we see the development of plaque on our teeth. It’s common that people neglect their dental health until a problem strikes. Now, today in this article we are actually going to jot down some of the most common dental problems that people have to face when they don’t think about paying a visit to their dentist for years and years.

1-Tooth Decay

One of the most common issues that people face is tooth decay. In other words, it’s known as cavities or dental caries. This actually happens for two reasons, first when you don’t clean your teeth regularly and let the sticky substance called plaque to stay there on your teeth for days. Due to the plaque, your teeth even start turning yellow and then they lead you to cavities which is pretty painful. The other reason why tooth decay occurs is usually when the acid from bacteria starts dissolving the enamel of your teeth. This also leads you to cavities if you don’t treat it on time.

2-Gum Disease

The gum disease is also known as the periodontal disease which basically starts in the first place due to gingivitis, don’t worry because this disease is curable but yes it’s a bit painful. What actually happens is that when you let the plaque stay on your teeth for quite a while, that plaque then turns into bacteria and that bacteria starts attacking the tissues inside your gums along with the tooth ligament. This also needs to be treated as soon as possible because the gum infection pain can become unbearable at times.

3-Root Infection

Root infection is the scariest and most painful of all the other teeth problems. In this case, the bacteria fill up a tooth with infection and then it even damages your pulp and nerve tissues inside too. If your infection exceeds, it can cause abscesses which can cause swelling and extreme pain. In this case, you need to rush to your dentist as soon as you can because once the root is completely infected, you then won’t be left with any other option but a root canal which is expensive and painful too.

4-Bad Breath

If you are suffering through a bad breath then this isn’t something you should ignore. Bad breath often is a sign that something is wrong with your body or your mouth and this needs to be treated at an early stage. You see, to you, it will just be a stinky mouth but to your dentist, your bad breath can say a lot about what’s going on inside your body.

These are some of the most common dental problems that people deal with and if you are also suffering through any one of the above then don’t wait for someone to come and fix it for you. In fact, rush to your dentist and get yourself checked properly.

Written by Ashley Grace

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