Best way to do Lat Exercises

lat pull down

To build strong muscles of the body many exercises are available. Exercises like chin ups and pull–ups are the key exercises that help in to bulk up the body especially upper body and back area. Lat exercises are also beneficial if you are not able to do full strength pull ups and chin ups. This exercise needs your access to the gym, and a trainer will help you better to achieve your goal.

Following are the best ways to perfect Lat exercises.

1.Perfecting the Lat Pull down

Before starting lat exercises it is important to find out the best lat pull down machine. Then select the right weight for you. Then sit and adjust your leg under the bench pad.

  • Adjust the grip at wide angle and place your feet firmly on the ground. The seat of the bench is adjustable so adjust it in a way that is relaxing and it does not cause you any pain and effect more on weight gain.
  • Hands should be placed in a way that they are wider than the shoulder’s width. Elbows should be straight and grip should be tight.
  • Best place to hold the pull-down is where it starts to bend. it should be kept in the notice that they should be tight but it should not be wide, because it will put stress on the shoulder muscles.
  • Along with hands and legs back core should also be involved in the exercise so that your back is not the part which is left out.
  • During the exercise shoulder should be kept firm and elbows should not be arched. Bars should not be pulled behind the head otherwise it will badly affect neck muscle. During the exercise pulling bar in front of your face and exhale and inhale properly.
  • To avoid shoulder strain avoids pulling the bar below the chest.
  • When you are used to a specific weight you can increase more weight to increase muscle growth and body strength.
  • Along with lat pull down there are many exercises which can be used as lat pull down alternative exercises that also activates muscle growth.

lat pull down

2.Adding Variations to Lat Pull Down

Lat pull down exercises are not only be performed on the bench but you can also add variations to your exercise. To know more about lat pull down exercises visit

  • By doing exercise in the standing position, most part of the body along with back engages in the exercise. During the workout back muscle should slightly be bent and you can transfer your weight to back leg.
  • Keep your hips firm and stable.

Above are the tips to perform the exercise in possible perfect manner.

Written by Ashley Grace

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