Vaping vs. Smoking – 5 things everybody should know


It is believed that humans have smoked, in one form or another for a very long time, as far back as 5000 B.C. some say. It first began from herbs for medicinal reasons, and later developed into a form of addiction that soon began to prove harmful. As time passed, the mode of smoking changed and took more and more convenient forms. It finally attained a form that would stay in the story for a very long time. This form still prevails today and is popularly known as cigarettes.

Cigarettes contain tobacco wrapped up in smoking paper and a filter on the tip. This filter minimizes the harsh throat hit and helps the inhaler enjoy the nicotine feel without hurting his/her throat. Cigarettes also have different variants, popularly known as cigars, lady cigarettes, etc. whereby the idea of inhaling lit up wrapped tobacco remains unchanged, but with several modifications to size, tobacco quality, strength, and flavor. Popularly, the act of inhaling cigarettes and any of its many variants is called smoking is a worldwide phenomenon.

One of the most recent developments in this field has been the development of vapes and e-cigarettes. Since vape is the broader term, it is often used to refer to all sorts of electronic inhalation devices. The act of using these mouth to lung devices is called vaping instead of smoking, to differentiate between the tremendous technological difference. The vaping community is somewhat different from the smoking community because there are several reasons that vaper vape, but only one for smokers to smoke, that is, the nicotine.

However, there are differences between the two that are much more pronounced and are detectable upon a comparison of the two:

1. Vapes are Not as Harmful as Cigarettes:

Multiple pieces of research have brought to light the evidence that cigarettes prove to be extremely harmful and become a reason for several life-threatening diseases. The underlying causes for this sort of consequences of cigarette smoking are the high levels of tar and toxic metallic compounds that are often carcinogenic. Several efforts undertaken to reduce the harmful nature of cigarettes have resulted in a complete modification of the flavor itself which eventually led to a rejection by smokers. vapes

Vapes, on the other hand, contain no tar and no metallic compound. Several pieces of research prove that vapes are not as harmful as cigarettes and lead to no life-threatening diseases. This is part of the reason why vapes are so successful.

2. Cigarettes Allow no Flavor Choice:

Cigarettes have a very rigid standard regarding flavor. They depend mostly on tobacco with little or no room for any other flavor to step in. Vapes, on the other hand, depend on vape flavors made up of four main constituents to enable a wide array of choices in flavors. The process for changing the flavor is as easy as it can get and a single vape starter kit can be used to vape several different flavors one after the other. This allows more flexibility to vapers than smokers and is a cause of great envy among consumers.

3. Cigarettes Restrict Smokers to Predetermined Levels of Nicotine:

As is the case with flavor, cigarettes allow no flexibility to smokers when it comes to nicotine levels. You can only smoke as much nicotine as is present in the cigarette; no more and no less. Whereas vapes allow its consumers to vary their nicotine content in the flavor. The nicotine feel of a liquid can also be altered using better and better vape starter kits. Moreover, vapes even allow vapers to vape completely nicotine-free. This is not something that cigarettes could promise.

The increased choice in both flavor and nicotin`e, combined with the less harmful nature of vapes, makes it a worthy candidate to take the place of a cigarette. This is precisely what vapes were invented for, and cigarettes have been losing their market share to vapes for a very long time.

4. Nicotine Feel:

One of the most significant cons of vaping starter kits is that they lack in throat hit. Smokers who have tried vaping always complain how subtle the nicotine hit is on vapes. smokingThis is why so many smokers who look to quit cigarettes by adopting vapes as alternative end up going back to cigarettes. Even the best nicotine alternative among the vaping community that includes nicotine salt flavors, sub ohm tanks, and pod mods, fail to achieve the level of nicotine feel that cigarettes do. Vape manufacturers are continually trying to cover this drawback but seem to be unsuccessful.

5. Prices:

Cigarettes are not very expensive. Although many people would expect their prices to be high when compared to vapes on the price per puff ratio because several taxes are imposed on cigarettes, they fail to realize that the FDA treats vape starter kits under the same rules and imposes the same taxes.

Vape Starter Kits are usually costly if compared to cigarettes in the short-run. In addition to that, the flavors do not come cheap, which is one of the most significant drawbacks of vapes.


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Written by Ashley Grace

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