How To Do Bikram Yoga?

There are different poses of Bikram Yoga. It is helpful for refreshing the body and enabling it to do exercise by stimulation of nerves, organs, and glands by improving oxygen circulation throughout the body. To focus on breathing calmly and continuously is the most important part of Bikram Yoga. Let’s discover the poses for how to do Bikram Yoga.

The poses of this Bikram yoga are supposed to be performed in a room at an average temperature of 107 Fahrenheit. The practice of the different poses of this yoga requires weeks or even years for beginners. The different poses of Bikram yoga are beneficial for the health of our body. The different poses of Bikram Yoga are described below-



For doing this pose, first of all, we have to stand straight. Legs are placed together by keeping our spine erect. The fingers should be placed under our chin by interlocking the fingers along the arc of our neck. Elbows are supposed to be together. By touching our ears slightly, the arms are pulled with our wrists during the time when we inhale. Our head should be kept straight. The head is required to be tilt back by allowing the hands follow the movement of the head during deep exhale.

Ardha Chandrasana


For practicing this pose, we have to stand straight by lifting the arms in the upward direction. Then, the hands are allowed to be joined by taking the form of prayer mudra above the head. Elbows are not supposed to be bent. The hands are supposed to be kept flexed, firm and straight. By upholding the same position, right hip is required to be bend by allowing the torso to be fallen on the right. By ensuring the straightening of legs, we have to perform the same on the left side.

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In this pose of Bikram Yoga, we have to stand straight. The arms are allowed to be stretched forward by facing the palms in the downward direction. The arms are supposed to be kept straight. By making the pose of sitting on an imaginary chair, we have to push our body by bending your knees. The knees are not allowed to be bent beyond our feet.

Watch this video to know how to do bikram yoga:



Firstly, we have to stand straight in this pose of Bikram Yoga. The right knee is allowed to be bent. Over the right knee, the left knee is required to be wrapped. On the posterior of our right shin, the left leg is allowed to be placed. To the shoulder level, the arms are allowed to be raised forward. The elbows should be placed at an angle of 90 degrees. Over the left hand, the right hand is supposed to be wrapped. The other side also follows the same asana.

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For doing this pose of Bikram yoga, first of all, we have to stand straight. After that, by using our hand from the inside at the ankle, we have to lift one of our legs. The other arm is allowed to be stretched to the sky by moving the face of palm in the forward direction. The leg which is lifted upward is required to be extended. While doing so we have to ensure that your torso is going slightly forward. Our foot and hips are kept on the ground in a straight line.



This pose of Bikram yoga can be practiced by standing straight with your feet together. By interlocking our fingers, we have to make a cup with your palm. At the waist, we have to bend and towards our chest, we have to lift your right leg up by bending at the knees and around the sole of our foot we have to make the cup of our palms. Allow the right hand to be in straight position slowly, taking our hands with it. The torso is required to be bent further. The chest is positioned in such a way that it touches the knee of our right leg. For accommodating this stance, we have to bend your elbows slightly.

Thus, these are the different poses of Bikram yoga. These poses are easy to practice. They are practiced by so many people. We should earn their health benefits by practicing them correctly and at a proper time.

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