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Changing Table for Baby

The changing table, designer furniture

We last spoke about the comfort of a changing table, its mattress, and the risks of safety. Indeed a changing table is a furniture that is very important and should be chosen seriously. That said, it is also very important for a modern mom to give importance to design. And yes nothing should escape you, of course, everything is very subjective, only today I will give you my opinion on the changing tables and their design and their integration in the baby room.

Changing Table for Baby

1-The changing table wall or changing wall plan

The first design I do not want to talk to you about is the wall changing table. It is, therefore, a changing table that clings to the wall with screws, which usually are not provided because they depend on the mounting surface, you will not use the same screws depending on the wall on which you will want to fix. This changing table can save space if you miss it, or even place it in the bathroom, it will also be possible to keep it as a piece of furniture since once closed it really takes no place and still allows you to store your things. This table is perfect for small rooms, or the opposite for large minimalist rooms. They blend into the background without attracting attention, it’s perfectly their role. Very modern.

2-The dreaming changing table

You can then find changing tables in a spirit of the daydream for example, like this one that actually has a cloud aspect, which fuels the dream and the childish and imaginary character of the child. The pink color of this one also makes it possible to bring color, perfect thing to improve a decoration or to raise the colors of a room, although on this kind of table are available in several colors, sober yes flash it depends on your interior, do not remove the color but it must be kept. This table is very practical since it is mounted on a large shelf, which will allow you to store all your business to change your child and have everything to wear, which question security is much better to properly monitor your child. If you want to know more about baby dreaming changing table click here.

3-The Scandinavian changing table

Changing Table for Baby

The Scandinavian changing tables are probably the most fashionable this year, they are very modern and fine lines, they fit perfectly in the fashion of furniture that is present at this time away from the child, all like the remains of furniture of this kind. This keeps the furniture, and that’s the dream. In fact, again the changing table is mounted on a shelf when your child grows up, so it can continue to serve you as a storage cabinet, and it’s really the best. In addition, the Nordic and modern character really appeals to both children and parents and can stay sober  enough to use it or want it.

Written by Ashley Grace

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