Benefits of Masturbation are more than just giving pleasure

To feel the sexual pleasure, if we stimulate genitals with the hand or object then it is termed as masturbation. Benefits of masturbation are many. If the masturbation is performed mutually then, sexual penetration can be substituted for it. Both man and woman of all ages practice it frequently.

The genital area is massaged, pressed, rubbed or touched by the finger or an object in this act. Both man and woman get excited by doing masturbation. A woman cannot become pregnant by doing this act. It can be practiced individually or in between people of same sex. There are many benefits of masturbation. Now we will discuss the benefits of masturbation

Reducing Stress


Among the benefits of masturbation, reducing stress is one of them. Stress is a great cause for the health of our body. It is necessary to remove it by any mean. We can have the feeling of relaxing and calmness due to the release of endorphins and oxytocin at the time of practicing masturbation. Masturbation is the best technique to make woman relaxed. By this act, she can get relieved from all types of tensions and worries. It is helpful in relieving stress and anxiety by lowering our blood pressure.

Encouraging Blood Flow


For both men and women, masturbation allows the flowing of blood to the erectile tissue. Flowing of blood is good for the health of arteries and tissues of the body. We are not required to depend on the partner for sexual pleasure as masturbation can be performed individually. As it promotes the flowing of blood and this blood flow is beneficial for the people whose age is more than 50. In women, after menopause, the severity of vaginal symptoms can be prevented by it. Therefore, if we count the benefits of masturbation then, encouraging blood flow is one of them.

Good Sleep

Good sleep is necessary for our physical and mental health. A person becomes more energetic by having it. Good sleep is a part of benefits of masturbation. The effects of sex and masturbation are same. Both are responsible for providing glorious deep sleep. We can have deep sleep due to the production of endorphins during orgasm. Masturbation is also helpful in making us sleep faster. Deep sleep enables us to work more. It increases our concentration in work. It is good for the health of eyes. In other words, we do not suffer from the problem of poor sleep by doing the act of masturbation.

Prevent Heart diseases

The core part of our body is the heart. We will die on the failure of the heart. It is necessary to maintain its health. Women are much more prone to heart diseases. If she does masturbation regularly then, the risk of dying from heart diseases is reduced. Masturbation is also considered as self-love or self-stimulation. The good flow of blood is allowed by this self-stimulation. In other words, type-2 diabetes and heart diseases can be prevented by it. Therefore, preventing heart diseases are included in benefits of masturbation.

Prevents Prostate Cancer


Cancer is the dangerous disease which takes us to the door of death. The patient of cancer suffers too much. If men perform the activity of masturbation five times or more during a week then the risk of developing prostate cancer is reduced to a great extent. The building up of toxin (which causes cancer) in our urinary tract can be prevented by this activity. Pomelo fruit also prevents cancer.

Improves Immunity


People should have the better immune system for making their body free from all types of diseases and infections. The hormones naming cortisol is produced due to masturbation which is helpful in maintaining our immunity. In other words, our immune system becomes strong by doing this activity.

Reduces Nasal Congestion


It is revealed by a new study that the masturbation is helpful in reducing swelling in the vessels of our nose. The symptoms of allergic rhinitis, common cold, hay fever and other related ailments can be improved by the act of masturbation. In other words, it is beneficial for our health by reducing nasal congestion.

Thus, we have discussed benefits of masturbation in the above-written matter. Masturbation not only provides sexual pleasure but it has also several health benefits. It is not considered to be an addiction and is good for the psychological health of the person.

Written by Ashley Grace

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