13 Unbelievable Health Benefits of drinking Sassafras Tea

Sassafras Tea

Sassafras is a tree from a Lauraceae family and is found in Asia and North America. Because of its leaf patterns and its color, it is used as an ornamental tree. Sassafras tea was traditionally used to protect against the evil eye and jealousy in earlier times in North America. It has enormous health benefits like; it is used to cure skin disease, is used to treat rheumatism, and many other conditions.

Sassafras has tannins, alpha pinene, asarone, mucilage and safrole that is very beneficial for health. But always consume this tea in a small amount.

Here are the Health Benefits of Sassafras Tea:

1. Sassafras tea for a healthy liver:


It stimulates the liver and maintains the hormonal functions. It cleanses the liver and keeps it healthy and maintains it and also helps to ease out the hangover problems. The tea eliminates the toxins from your body and removes the congestion from the gallbladder.

2. Sassafras tea for a healthy digestive system:


The tea makes your immune system strong and fights against all digestive problems like constipation, diarrhea or gastrointestinal issues. It eases the stomach and keeps it hydrated and protects from a harmful substance.

3. Sassafras tea as a blood thinner:


Sassafras tea aids as an anticoagulant and is helpful in purifying the blood. It lowers the blood pressure and strengthens your heart muscles.

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4. Sassafras tea to ease the menstrual pain:


Many women suffer from menstruation effects like bloating, heavy flow or heavy bleeding. Sassafras contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which remove the discomfort caused by menstruation and gives relief in pain.

5. Sassafras tea to heal wounds:


It gives relief in pain and makes the healing process faster, and its stimulant functions induce the oxygenated blood to the area of the wound, this increases the metabolic rate and helps in treating the injuries in a natural way.

6. Sassafras tea to detoxify the body:


The tea is considered to be a diuretic that enhances your urination and reduce the fats and toxins from your body. It is good for kidney health and flushing out the impurities from the system. It soothes the urinary tract discomfort and cures all kind of kidney ailments.

7. Sassafras tea as energy booster:


Sassafras can instantly enhance your energy and elevate your mood. So, when you feel dull, lethargic or sluggish then this tea is just the thing you need. It instantly peps you up and elevates your tiredness.

8. Sassafras tea for dental health:


Earlier sassafras twigs were used as a toothbrush, and it has lots of medicinal properties. Even drinking sassafras can keep your teeth health in right conditions. It has antiseptic properties which can aid as a disinfectant.

9. Sassafras tea for cancer prevention:


Sassafras tea contains antioxidant properties; it has the ability to fight against the free radicals and boost your immune system. It reduces the mutation of cells and prevents the cancerous growth. Studies and research have found that safrole present in sassafras can enhance and stimulate the conversion of harmful to non-cancerous cells and induce apoptosis in cancer cells.

10. Sassafras tea for the healthy respiratory system:


Sassafras is useful in treating bronchitis and gives relief in the symptoms of flu, cough and cold. It clears the nasal passage and makes the breathing easier. It is helpful in treating fever as well.

11. Sassafras tea to treat inflammation:


It is very efficient and accessible to cure gout and rheumatism and is widely used. It is useful in treating various diseases which are caused by inflammation. It also cures arthritis, headaches and gastrointestinal issues.

12. Sassafras tea for skin health:


Sassafras contains an antiseptic, astringent, antimicrobial and antibacterial property which is helpful in treating skin problems like skin irritation, bits and eczemas and also rashes sores and skin marks. The compound called tannic acid in sassafras gives a protective layer to the skin and heals the skin faster.

13. Sassafras tea for high immunity:


Sassafras has antimicrobial, antiseptic and analgesic properties that protect your body from pathogen and boost your immune system. Regular use of tea in a small amount will keep your immune system away from infections and harmful foreign particles.

Method to make sassafras tea:

Take a cooking pan, put one cup of water in it. Boil the water, and then add sassafras root and simmer till it turns to brownish red in color. If you like the strong taste, then simmers for some more time. Strain with a very fine strainer so that the tea comes out clear without any sediments or particles of the root. Add sugar or honey as per your taste.

Word of caution:

Sassafras tea contains safrole which is highly potent. So consume in small quantities in or else it will create problems like; vomiting or nausea. Always consult your doctor first before incorporating new health remedy in your diet.

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