Are you Aware of the (Gur in Hindi) Jaggery Disadvantages?

Jaggery disadvantages

Jaggery is also known as ‘Gur’ in Hindi. Many people keep away from jaggery as its raw form is not very attractive. Though, it may be time to initiate making this food a normal part of your diet as it offers many necessary nutrients and is a helpful remedy for many diseases. It includes sugar in sucrose form and is used in many other food products as a sweetening agent. It is judged healthier than refined sugar as certain plant phytochemicals and minerals are conserved in it. There are some Jaggery disadvantages which we will discuss today.

Jaggery disadvantages


Some of the jaggery disadvantages are as follows-

  1. Consuming jaggery for the long-term and in high quantity may cause weight gain.
  2. Jaggery is not recommended to the diabetes patients, as it increases the level of diabetes with the sucrose present in it.
  3. Use of jaggery continuously for the long period may cause intestinal worm infestation.
  4. Consuming jaggery together with fish is contraindicated in Ayurveda.
  5. It also causes blood coagulation defects.
  6. Freshly prepared jaggery may increase Kapha and causes indigestion.

Jaggery calories content-


The jaggery calories content is very high 10 grams provides 38 calories. It contains about 97 percent sugar content and about 98 percent carbohydrates. As far as the other minerals are the concern, it also contains phosphorus, iron, and potassium and it contains is hardly impressive. Besides those, the label does mention there are trace amounts of selenium and zinc present in it. Do you know about the number of calories in red wine?

Review on Jaggery vs Sugar


Now we will discuss Jaggery vs sugar

  1. Jaggery includes natural phytochemicals, which stimulates the digestion and helps in solving digestive problems. Lots of people in India use jaggery with black pepper to increase hunger. Sugar does not have this type of characteristic.
  2. You can use jaggery, ginger, and honey for getting relief from cold, cough and breathing problems. Sugar can get worse cough by rising in making of phlegm.
  3. Both jaggery and sugar do not include many vitamins and minerals, but jaggery still keeps some minerals as judge against sugar.
  4. Jaggery is used in traditional Indian medicines for neurological and muscular problems. However, it may not have any medicinal importance, but it is used as the adjuvant with many of the folklore medicines.
  5. If you are suffering from a headache, then jaggery can help you for receiving relief from this.
  6. Jaggery contains 3% iron of 10 grams of daily value. It can be used to support additional medicines used for increasing the level of hemoglobin.
  7. Jaggery can also help you to stop hiccups. You can also take it by mixing with ginger juice to get relief from hiccup, nasal congestion, breathing troubles, and chest tightness.
  8. Jaggery is used to control blood pressure. Sugar does not have this quality. Pomelo fruit also control blood pressure.
  9. Jaggery also helps to reduce gas, bloating and flatulence.

Consuming Jaggery diabetes patient problems are-


If you are suffering the disease like diabetes than you must avoid jaggery as much as you are avoiding sugar. Jaggery also contains very high Glycemic Index and Diabetes patient’s diet contains low Glycemic Index. It is also known as the simple carbohydrates and other same ingredients as of sugar. One of the main Jaggery disadvantages for the diabetes patient is that it increases blood sugar levels.

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