Suffering from Sunburns? Here are Some Amazing Sunburn Remedies from your Kitchen

Sunburn Remedies

Hello, everyone! Tensed? Don’t know what to do to cure sunburn? Take a deep breath and read this article as it will be very much helpful for you to heal sunburn. Now you don’t have to visit a doctor for treatment until and unless it’s very severe. Many times we are not satisfied with medical care as well as we don’t find it to be much beneficial. But before you start reading this article I want you to promise me that you will be patient while using these sunburn remedies. The solutions which I am sharing here may take time but for sure will serve you with repercussions beyond your expectations. These remedies are the best healers of sunburn. Let’s check out the list!

Some of the effective Sunburn remedies that you can find in the comfort of your home are:

Sunburn Remedies- Cool Compress


Cool compress is the best instant sunburn relieve provider. The first thing you should do when you notice the symptoms of sunburn. Do you know how long does sunburn hurt?

Sunburn Remedies- Aloe Vera


Aloe vera contains an enormous anti-inflammatory component which helps to deal with the several symptoms of sunburn. Aloe Vera is easily available and one best natural sunburn remedies to cure sunburn damage. Moreover, it has several soothing properties that can comfort the pain related with sunburn. You can also use aloe vera gel if you found difficult to extract the gel from aloe vera leaf. Apply the gel on the affected area and keep it for half an hour. Not only sunburns, aloe vera for acne and aloe vera juice for hair is miraculous.

Sunburn Remedies- Yogurt


Yogurt is known for its luxurious properties which are helpful in curing many issues. It contains a plenty of enzymes and probiotics that help to heal our damaged skin. When you find yourself red and sunburned, it can help you recover faster. Make sure you are using plain yogurt. This is how to heal a sunburn?

A half cup of plain yogurt is more than sufficient enough to treat facial burns if the damaged area is more than you can add more. Apply yogurt on the burned area with clean hands. Keep it for five to ten minutes and then rinse it with cool water. Try this remedy two times a day at least for better results.

Watch this video to know effective remedies for sunburned skin:

Sunburn Remedies- Potato Paste


To deal with the issue of sunburn potato paste is the easiest solution. It provides instant relief from itchy skin and redness. Since ages, potatoes are known as the best healers when no lotions and advanced treatment were available. Apply the juice of potato in the affected zone and keep it for an hour. The paste will help to reduce inflammation and pain. This is how to heal sunburn fast today.

Baking soda is the best kitchen sunburn remedies than any other remedy and a natural way to cure sunburn. This ingredient is easily available in your kitchen. For quick relief from sunburn baking soda is the best way. It can reduce the pain and blazing red appearance of the sunburn. Add baking soda with cool water. The quantity of baking soda will depend on the area you want to apply. Also look for how to use baking soda for gas?

Sunburn Remedies- Cucumber


A slice of cucumber can bring instant relief to your burned skin. It is not only helpful to calm, but the analgesic and antioxidant properties also help to promote healing. Cucumber is also known as the instant relief server from discomfort. It is helpful in reducing redness, pain, and swelling. The benefits of cucumber water are also amazing.

Sunburn Remedies- Oatmeal


Oatmeal is well-known to treat sunburned skin. You can include both rolled oats and steel cut oats. It contains calming components which help the skin to decrease irritation and retain its natural moisture. Add one cup oatmeal in the cool water of your bathtub and mix it properly. After the bath dry your body and avoid rubbing. Use this sunburn remedies once in a day to prevent the sunburn symptoms. To get the best result you can use one more method. Boil oatmeal with adequate water until it has a liquid consistency. After it cools down, apply it on the damaged skin. Keep the paste for an hour and then clean it with cool water.

Written by Ashley Grace

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