Clove Benefits are Undoubtedly Great and Here Is All You Need To Know About It

Clove Benefits

Cloves are a very common type of spices that are widely used for cooking and other purposes and clove benefits us in many ways.

It is also significantly used in Cigarettes for adding flavor. It is used to make oil, as an antiseptic and even for the medicinal purposes. The presence of its flavor is because of the compound called Eugenol (from 70 – 90% composition varies) which has a very strong aroma. Besides their seasoning benefits, there are many clove benefits and are usually used as a component in preparing medicines for many diseases.

Clove benefits


Clove benefits have been talked for many generations now which is what makes this spice so popular. Below are some of the best clove benefits:

  1. Clove provides relief to a toothache. This is the main cause why you will see clove listed as an Ingredient in 99% of toothpaste.
  2. It relieves nausea when taken together with clove oil.
  3. By consuming cloves a coughing and breath problem can be cured. This is one of the best clove benefits that you will find.
  4. It is very easy to blend in many dishes, beverages, and desserts because of its seasoning capabilities.
  5. By taking the powder of grounded cloves into your nose it overcoming sinusitis.
  6. It is also a good remedy solution for morning sickness.
  7. Clove also contains the anticancer agent which prevent our body from cancer.
  8. It also reliefs the stress in our body.
  9. It improves the digestive system problems.
  10. Clove is also an aphrodisiac, and its fragrance gets rid of tiredness and fatigue related thoughts.
  11. There are many Clove benefits for men one of them is it increases the sperm count in men.

Clove side effects

While there are many clove benefits that make it so popular, there are also some clove side effects that make us want to be cautious of its use. Here are some clove benefits that one needs to know about:

  1. Over-consuming of clove will thin out your blood and also increase the risk of bleeding. There is blood thinning agent in the clove; it is advised to stay away from overeating of the clove.
  2. If the person already having low blood pressure eats a clove, which results in lowering the level of glucose which is extremely harmful to hypoglycemia patients.
  3. The large dose of the clove will also result in symptoms such as vomiting, shortness of breath, sore throat, sedation, fluid imbalance, nausea and kidney disorders.
  4. Allergy is also the main cause of clove which again occurs due to the presence of eugenol in clove.
  5. There is clove cigarette which is highly popular these days, but if the person uses that clove cigarette continuously, it may cause him the respiratory problems like shortness of breath and lung infection.
  6. Clove oil can make the skin very much sensitive, this makes it one of the clove side effects that people must keep in mind while using it.
  7. It also gets inflamed with the inner walls of the mouth by too much consumption of clove.

Drinking clove water


Clove is the herb known for reducing parasite activity in the body. Hence drinking clove water can be really beneficial for the health. Firstly put a handful of cloves in the bowl with some water into it and soak over. The next morning take the 2-3 spoons of that water before tea or breakfast no more than five spoons and only water without cloves in it. Which helps our body from fungal and bacterial infection because of its antifungal and antibacterial agents in it.

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