You do sex for pleasure but do you know about the Benefits Of Sex

Benefits of Sex

Sex is not only the pleasure of life but also the basic requirement of each and every individual. Sex is performed by both man and woman. In our Indian society sex is performed by man and woman after marriage. We can give birth to a baby by doing sex. Sex is equally important for both man and woman. It is necessary for maintaining the healthy relationship. We can increase our tribe through sex. The creation of our society depends on sex. It is necessary to do sex for living in a society with full prestige. There are so many benefits of sex. Now we will discuss the benefits of sex-

Boosting Up Immunity


Among the benefits of sex, boosting up of immunity is one of them. The physical health of a person is improved by doing sex. Our body gets protected from different infections and colds by an antibody known as immunoglobulin. The levels of immunoglobulin become high by doing sex once or twice in a week. Our body gets protected from viruses, germs and other intruders on doing sex. It is observed that the persons who perform sex are less prone to diseases. Therefore, our immune system gets boost up by doing sex.

Relieves Stress


Stress is the most critical condition of our body. It affects our mental health harshly. If we are in stress then we cannot work with full concentration. We should make our body to be free from stress. Sex enables us to reduce the levels of stress. Sex provides us happiness and happiness are the best remedies for treating stress. Sex diverts our mind from tensions and worries which are the major factors of stress. Therefore, if we count the benefits of sex then, relieving stress is one of them. Do you know about the benefits of sex during pregnancy.

Lowers Heart Attack Risk


Lowering heart attack risk is a part of benefits of sex. If a person is doing ample amount of sex then it is good for his or her heart. The heart rate can be increased by doing sex. The levels of testosterone and estrogen get balanced with the help of sex. People doing sex regularly are less prone to heart disease and osteoporosis. According to one study, the risk of dying from heart disease is less for the person who performs sex at least twice a week than a person who does sex rarely.

A Youthful Glow


Each and every person wants to look young. Nobody wants to become old. It is observed in the study conducted at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland that a person who does sex looks seven to twelve years younger than his or her real age. The person looks young and vital by the release of hormones comprising estrogen and testosterone. These hormones get released by doing sex regularly. Estrogen is helpful in making your skin soft. It is also helpful in making your hair shiny. In other words, if we do sex regularly then, it is good for the health of our skin and hairs. Therefore, to provide a youthful glow is included in benefits of sex. 

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Act As Exercise


Exercise is essential for maintaining the health of the body. Exercise makes us free from different types of diseases. If we discuss sex then it is also an exercise. It is a kind of physical work-out. Five calories per minute are used by sex. It increases the heart rate and so many muscles are used for it. In other words, we can do the exercise for muscles of the body by doing sex. Therefore, sex is considered to be the good exercise.

Improves Intimacy


Each and every person wants love. The bond of love makes the person psychologically healthy. The feeling of love enables him or her to live in society. A person is helpless without love.  The levels of love hormone naming oxytocin get increased by doing sex. This hormone is helpful in building trust. The feeling of generosity is also linked with this hormone. A person becomes more generous towards his or her partner due to this love hormone. Therefore, the intimacy between the couple gets improved by doing sex.

Thus, we have discussed benefits of sex in the above-written matter. Sex is not only the basic requirement but it is also good for our health. We should do sex to live in a society. There is no life without sex.

Written by Ashley Grace


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