10 Amazing Health Benefits of a Loquat Tree

The loquat tree is a small green tree scientifically called as Eriobotrya japonica. The tree is native to China and little later in Japan and now is also grown in USA, South America, Middle East and Asia. The loquat tree bears fruit that has tangy and sweet taste, It is a pear in shape, and it tastes like peach and mango.

The loquat tree fruit is so delicious that you can eat as it is or as dried fruit and can also make jellies and jam from it. The leaves of the tree have many medicinal properties. And the fruit also has enormous health benefits.

Nutritional value of loquat tree:

The loquat tree fruits and leaves contain nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, iron, fibre and pectin. These nutrients make your body fit and active.

Herein are the 10 Amazing Health Benefits of a Loquat Tree:

1. Healthy digestive system:


Pectin and fibre present in loquat tree fruit are useful to optimise the functions of the digestive system. Dietary fibre is essential for smooth running of peristaltic motion. It can help to prevent constipation, bloating, and can give relief in many other kinds of stomach disorder. For other options, you can see Benefits of Lemon water.

2. Healthy immunity system:

Healthy immunity system

The loquat tree fruit is a rich source of vitamin C which can make your protection system stronger and enhance the development of white blood cells. It fights against pathogens and prevents the chronic illnesses. Vitamin C is also considered responsible for the growth of collagen and for repairing the skin tissues.

3. Healthy liver:


The liver is a vital organ of your body which eliminates the toxins from your body. The loquat tree leaves consists of antioxidants known as amygdalin that supports the liver. The leaves are also loaded with linoleic acids plant sterols.

4. Healthy bones:

Healthy bones

A loquat tree fruit has lots of minerals and vitamins which is important to strengthen bone density. Regular consumption of the fruit is particularly very useful for women of menopause age group as they are more prone to losing bone density.

5. Diabetes:


Tea made from loquat tree leaves is known to prevent diabetes. Drinking loquat tea regularly can maintain the glucose levels and insulin. It is also helpful to stop the spikes and regulate the blood sugar level. The leaves contain triterpenes a torment acid and this acid enhance the production of insulin hat is useful to fights against type 1 diabetes. It is also beneficial to increase the production of polysaccharides that increase the insulin levels in pancreas.

6. Healthy respiratory system:

Healthy respiratory system

Loquat tree leaves tea can aid as an expectorant and is helpful to treat a cough and cold. Regular use of tea, either to gargle or can help to expel phlegm and mucus that is the cause of bacterial growth. The research and studies suggest that experiments conducted on animals by feeding them loquat leaf reduces the sneezing and slows down the allergic reactions.

7. Stronger eye vision:


Loquat tree fruit consists of vitamin A which is antioxidant. Consumption of this fruit improves the vision and protects the eyes from damaging free radicals. It is helpful to prevent macular degeneration, cataract, and retinal diseases and enhance the eye image. You can also see Goji berry plant for better eyesight.

8. Skin health:

Skin health

Loquat tree fruits and leaves are multipurpose especially the leaves can be used internally as an herbal tea or for external application. Loquat leaves paste can be applied to treat red and irritated skin caused by the reaction of histamines. Use of leaves paste can inhibit the reaction caused by histamine production. Drinking loquat tree leaves tea can also provide protection to skin because of its antioxidants properties. It calms the inflamed skin and gums.

9. Maintains blood pressure and cholesterol levels:

Maintains blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Loquat tree fruits contain potassium that aids as a vasodilator for your cardiovascular system. It reduces the pressure and strain from the arteries and blood vessels and reduces the blood pressure and enhances the heart health. Loquat fruit is a low-calorie fruit which helps to reduce the cholesterol levels, and also consumption of loquat tea can contribute to decreasing the cholesterol level. Loquat tree contains potassium that is considered as brain booster and also improve the flow of blood to arteries and capillaries which can enhance the cognition.

10. Prevent colon and oral cavity cancer:

Prevent colon and oral cavity cancer

Loquat tree fruit is a rich source of dietary fibre that helps to clear the toxins from the colon. It also consists of vitamin A which protects you from oxidative stress and fights free radicals and prevents the body from oral cancer. You can also see amazing benefits of pomelo fruit.

Word of caution:

Loquat tree leaf extract when consumed in excess can cause weakness and can be toxic to your health. Therefore drink the loquat fruit or leaves in moderation to avail its benefits.

Written by Ashley Grace

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