Papules acne causes and treatment

Papule Acne

Here I will explain to you that what causes papules acne and what type of treatment is best to cure it.

Acnes are always painful whether it is big or small. If not taken care properly, in the beginning, could make you suffer for long. Acnes are embarrassing especially for girls when they have to go to a party or event. It is visible on your face and makes you look ugly if filled with pus. To cure acne is not a difficult task you just have to go for proper medication on right time.

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Papules acne arises when the follicle a smallest living organism wall breaks and comes in contact white blood cells, leading to inflammation. It is an area of abnormal skin tissue and appears in several shapes and is well known as skin lesions. This is not a severe type of acne and can be cured with small treatments. It is most common among the young generation. Papules are the repercussion of excessive sweat or the reaction of high medication. Dermatologist always suggests not squeezing papules acne as it can damage the skin. To compress papules acne applies warm water as it will reduce the pain and helps in healing. The location of papule can be anywhere throughout the body. It is mostly seen on face or back. It is usually brown red or pink. Papules acne and pustules acne are small in size.

Causes of papules acne


  • Papules acne can be due to many reasons which affect the skin. The most cause is dermatitis and chicken pox.
  • Dermatitis is the most common cause of papules acne. It is characterized by a rash and which is made up of papules.
  • Chickenpox creates an itchy rash of papules on the skin all over the body. In appearance, papules will be entirely different on the body. It is a contagious disease and should be taken care nicely.

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  • Overproduction of sebum is another cause of papules acne. Pustules acne is also caused due to the excessive production of sebum.
  • Hormonal changes are also one of the leading causes of papules acne, and it is mostly generated at the puberty stage among youngsters. During adolescence, many hormones change thus resulting in papules acne.
  • Bacteria and certain medications can also cause papules acne.

Treatment of papules acne


  • It can be treated with the over counter lotions, antibiotics, creams, and laser.
  • Topical acne treatment is best to cure papules acne as Kill’s bacteria, slough dead skin cells and dry up extreme oil.
  • Stop using makeup or hard soap as it could worsen your condition.
  • Avoid scrubbing while cleaning your face and use warm water.

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Home Remedies to cure Papules


There are some excellent home remedies to cure papules; these are mentioned below:

1. Oatmeal and honey

The combination of oatmeal and honey can do miracles. The oatmeal and honey help to absorb the excess oil from the skin. Mix oatmeal and honey to make the paste and apply the paste on oily skin and leave it for 20 minutes. After the paste dries, wash it with warm water. Use this remedy twice a week for better results.

2. Tomato

Tomatoes are rich in minerals and are good for treating skin related issues. Cut a slice of tomato and rub gently on the affected area it will help in fast healing from papules acne.

3. Warm water

Hot water is the best option to cure papules acne it helps in reducing redness and inflammation. Read carefully apply warm water not hot.

4. Papaya juice

Papaya juice is good for curing papules. Apply the fresh papaya juice on the affected area and keep it for few minutes and then rinse it with cold water. Even Papaya seeds benefits a lot and papaya seeds for abortion are the safest way.

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